Essential Projects

Essential Projects 

With several buying groups as loyal customers, we provide After-market and OEM with very high quality approved parts.
All of our products are ECE R and/or DOT certified. Our production facility is TS16949 certified.
Essential Projects has his own factory facility in Qingdao China. There we built a full production facility in the automotive bulb lighting and electronic control units for Xenon HID and LED.
From incoming raw material to finished product, quality is checked and monitored in the entire process with real time process monitoring systems.
Quality procedures are constantly monitored and updated to assure that only the highest and most consistent quality products are supplied to our valued customer.

Essential Projects provides private label packing options for optimal market distribution. Our shipments mostly FCL based.

Our main product lines
- Halogen, Signaling, Xenon HID bulbs and Electronic control units.
- Creative solutions for automotive, marine sector, aircraft, defence industry

We work together to develop unique products
With our expertise we implement:
After market and OEM parts
• innovation projects
• concrete solutions
• new products
• box designing
• developing private-label
• developing custom products
• distribution, service and support

Our technical team has many years of combined experience in product development and manufacturing.
Essential Projects is working in following areas:
• Automotive industry 
• Medical industry
• Technical measurements
• Lighting Technology
• PWM drivers
• Test Equipment
• Special Projects

Our background is very divers and become a knowledge center for various private label brands.

Essential Projects is responsible for the logistic, distribution and customs settlement of products who shipped out of our factory.

Halogen, Signaling, HID bulbs

Essential Projects provides After-market and OEM - high quality approved parts

Creative Solutions

From Automotive to Marine Sector.

Interior Projects

Safety and Security
Creative solutions for automotive, marine sector, aircraft, defence industry

Essential Projects - high quality approved