Essential Expertise

Our technical team has many years of combined experience in product development, manufacturing and distribution.
We work with a divers team in terms of age, knowledge.
Our interests goes beyond our field.

In these challenging times, we are often confronted with rapid economic twists or organizational changes.
With our expertise we implement:
• innovation projects
• concrete solutions
• new products
• box designing
• developing private-label
• developing custom products
• distribution, service and support

Our background is very diverse. We have become a knowledge centre for various private brands.

Essential Projects provides private label packing options for optimal market distribution. Our shipments mostly FCL based.

We offer full service package, box designing, interiors, quality control, all kind of transport from FOB to Delivery at place.

Essential Projects innovates and distributes together in the following areas:
• Automotive industry
• Technical measurements
• Light Technology
• Suspension technology
• PWM drivers
• Test Equipment

To meet specific requirements quality is checked and monitored in the entire process.
Our factory is equipped with the most advanced facilities and equipment in the industry.
Essential Projects values great importance to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction

Essential Projects