Halogen, Signaling, HID bulbs

Halogen, Signaling, HID bulbs

Halogen, Signaling, HID bulbs
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Essential Projects Group provides After-market and OEM - high quality approved parts

Essential Projects Group provides private label packing options and carries own brands, for optimal market distribution. Our shipments mostly FCL based.

Our main product lines
- Halogen, Signaling and HID bulbs
- Control Arms
- Brake Calipers including EPB
- Bal Joints
- Shock absorbers
- Creative Glass Solutions
- Creative solutions for automotive, architectural

We work together to develop unique products.
• After sales and OEM spare parts
• innovation projects
• concrete solutions
• new products
• box designing
• developing private-label
• developing custom products
• distribution from FOB to Delivery at place
• service and support

We take care of the full service package !