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Export/Import is not always an easy endeavor.
The reason why we Import/Export:
The more a country exports, the more domestic economic activity is occurring.
More exports means more production, jobs and revenue.
We investigate in the future!

Export/Import are important for the development and growth of national economies
because not all countries have the resources and skills required to produce certain goods and services.
Nevertheless, countries impose trade barriers, such as tariffs and import quotas,
in order to protect their domestic industries.
We often faces both formal and informal trade barriers that hinder the export.
A common barrier is a tariff, which is a special type of tax that is imposed on goods imported into a country.
Tariffs often make the imported goods more expensive than its domestic equivalent.
For example, a tariff imposed on the company's tablets may make it more expensive than a domestic tablet when it would have been cheaper if the tariff was not imposed.
Thus, tariffs are often imposed to protect domestic companies.

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