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We do not realize it immediately, but more than 80% of the accidents happen at night or in low light.
Our eyes are not well adapted to see in the dark.
A young driver with good eyes lose overnight two thirds of viewing capacity. As we age, visual acuity at night off.

With good light you have a better view.
Safety starts with seeing and being seen. Lighting is essential for driving and light is the first and only part of the safety circle that actually helps prevent accidents.

Why MAXXPRO lightsystems:
Thanks to more light on the road, the road becomes deeper, wider and you get brighter light. Terms of light color emitted light is daylight. Your eyes are less tired and more relaxed drive, a contribution to safety.

MAXXPRO provide professional-quality Xenon lighting.
With our Xenon lighting systems, you have lighting technology of the last generation.
By developing continuously, we deliver Xenon kits for practically any headlamp.
Our ballast units are completely interference free and have a very low start current.
Suitable for all vehicles, including those equipped with CAN bus (Controller Area Network)
FlexRay, LIN (Local Interconnect Network) and MPX (Multiplex MUX network).

Important advantages MAXXPRO lightsystems:
• Increase driving safety
• Clear and powerful light beam
• Better visibility and contrast in bad weather
• Signs and road markings more visible
• Highly recommended for night blindness
• Extra long life
• Low energy
• Less heat generation
• Quartz glass & UV block
• Light color, similar to daylight
• CAN, FlexRay, MUX and LIN communication protocol

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