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We all want to age healthy. Preferable with a healthy body, flexible joints and full of energy.

We become increasingly critical regards to health products, cosmetics, personal care products. Since many producers sense this amazingly, there is an ongoing trend, the trend of the 'natural' products. It feels more secure and confident. Many products are not 100% natural. Unfortunately the profitability of products is often more important than safety, activity, purity. Of course, there are also very good producers with fair, honest and 100% natural products. But its difficult to distinguished them from the 'impure'.

CollincGro products is realized together with scientists.  

CollincGro ET-T oil is used for a wide range; hair and skin human and animals, scars, rash, age spots, dry skin, damaged skin, damaged hair, UV protection, sunburns, chilblains, muscles with both human and animals.

Together with scientists in Sweden we developed:
CollincGro AlkyMed and CollincGro AlkyMed + 
Increases the white blood cells and our resistance. Special about the product is that its high of Alkylglycerols.
It is a natural substance also found in mother`s milk, bone marrow
. At birth we have a poorly developed immune system. The first milk contains a lot of Alkylglycerols. The first milk is very high content of Alkylglycerols to help develop our defencesystem. This unique in adults also helps to strengthen if it is disturbed the immune system. Alkylglycerols are needed for the production of white blood cells and are responsible for our immune system

White blood cells are important for the protection system of our body. They destroy strange organism such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, inhibits tumour growth and promotes tumour regression. In addition, it boosts platelet counts thereby strengthening the immune system to help fight the disease. Cancer patients taking it before and during radiation treatment have lesser side effects, better recovery & better white blood cell counts.

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EP-T Oil : Microcirculation oil for skin, hair :

• EP-T oil is unrefined,
• 100% natural, no chemicals,
• no artificial additives.

• The oil is used for a wide range 
such as;
rash, skin blemishes, muscles,
scars, damaged skin.

• CollincGro EP-T cell protecting oil:

• EP-T Microcirculation oil + AKG

ProMED Health :

Every day we are surrounded by diseases,
bacteria, harmful
external influences.

CollincGro combined natural
sources which has a positive
effect on skin, hair and
resistance from the inside.

CollincGro ProMed offers:

• CollincGro AlkyMed
• CollincGro AlkyMed+

ProHAIR : Hairextensions / Haarpruiken / HairFiber :

Our appearance is not only skin, but also our hair.
Stress, hormones, vitamin deficiencies,
diseases does not benefit hair and skin.

We want quicker results
and a natural appearance.

CollincGro ProHair offers:

• Professional high quality hair
• Instant result with HairFiber.