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CollincGro : We all want to age healthy. Preferably with flexible joints, a healthy body, full of energy.
CollincGro therefore exclusively focus on pure natural products that have been proven effective for skin, hair and your resistance.
► Cosmetic and Dermatological.
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CollincGro offers hair wigs, hairextensions
Thinning hair all over the scalp can be due to various causes; stress, hormones, vitamin deficiencies, diseases, unbalanced inner.
Advice is sought by pharmacies, health food stores, hairdresser salon, hair institutes.
CollincGro offers: ProHair and ProFiber.

Natural immune stimulator,
protects en repairs the cells from the inside.
CollincGro AlkyMed.

AlkyMED Alkylglycerols
play a major role in the production of white blood cells.
White blood cells are of interest to the system of protection of our body.
They destroy foreign organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi,
but also help to suppress and decrease tumor growth.

AlkyMED Alkylglycerols increase the production of these white blood cells
and of antibodies in the bone marrow.

AlkyMED Alkylglycerols
• Strengthens the immune defence
• Cell-protecting abilities
• Promote wound healing
• Boost the recovery of white blood cells

CollincGro Alkyl